Building Code Violations Corrections

We deal with Chicago Building Code Violations regularly and can help you from start to finish to get your building back into compliance.

Chicago Concrete and Masonry Inc. obtains all the necessary permits and provides drawings, plans or reports that may also be needed to close the case on the building code violations your building may have.

We will take care of everything needed to remove the violation from your building.

Chicago Concrete and Masonry Inc.

Often we are not aware of building violations in Chicago. Two different cases are being opened simultaneously upon receiving a violation.


  • Attorney required in most cases
  • Fines or case sismissal

Building Department

  • The licensed company required to perform repairs
  • Proper permits required to perform the job

We are not only licensed as a roofing and masonry contractor but also a licensed General Contractor.
We will help to resolve your issue.

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