Chicago Concrete and Masonry Inc. undertakes all kinds concrete of construction projects, residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial.

We also accept projects where the existing structure needs to be taken down and rebuilt from ground up. We’ll take care of the demolishing and clearing away of the debris before preparing the site for a brand new building.

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Chicago Concrete and Masonry Inc.
Chicago Concrete and Masonry Inc.
Chicago Concrete and Masonry Inc.
Chicago Concrete and Masonry Inc.
Chicago Concrete and Masonry Inc.

Concrete lends itself to a wide range of construction requirements. You can use it for building, reconstruction, and renovation. Here’s how:

Sturdy and long-lasting basements and foundations
Stairways and steps
Stone designs
Retaining walls
Coatings and sealants that are resistant to water damage
Steel lintel repair and renovation
Repairing structural cracks using Epoxy injections and Urethane grout injections

Concrete is the choice of construction materials for contemporary architects looking for style and sustainability. And, Chicago Concrete and Masonry Inc. is proud to have provided this exceptional, high-grade material that changed the skyline of the Chicago City. Concrete has several positives for your building needs, lending integrity and versatility to any kind of architectural designs and ideas.

  • Lowered Constructions Costs - Concrete typically requires less vertical to get the same floor height. As a result, you’ll save on the cost of basic construction in addition to the expenses typically incurred in installing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) fixtures. You’ll also save in the costs of extensive fireproofing.
  • Flexibility in Architecture - Since concrete can be cast on the spot, it is a highly versatile and flexible material accommodating all kinds of architectural designs. Installation is cheaper and faster given that concrete can cover irregular shapes and sizes.
  • Ease of Modifications - Concrete allows you to make all the modifications needed and is perfect for making renovations at a later date.
    Significant Savings in Energy Expenses - The thermal mass of concrete structures allows you to make significant savings when it comes to the cost of heating, cooling, and ventilation. Concrete buildings are resistant to heat and more effective in sealing in cool air.
  • Ideal for Laboratories and Medical Facilities - Concrete is the ideal construction material for facilities that need low sensitivity to sounds and vibrations. Sound insulation provides more comfort for occupants.
  • Improved Indoor Environment - Since concrete is resistant to rust, corrosion, moisture, and allergens, it creates a lighter, more favorable atmosphere for living and working. The possibility of getting higher floor heights makes it possible introduce more natural daylight into the interiors improving mood and productivity.
  • Even More Sustainable Structures - Concrete buildings are likely to have more durability and thus, a lower life cycle cost. Statistics also show that concrete has a lower carbon footprint in terms of construction techniques, usage of resources, more energy efficiency, and the possibility of using recycled materials.

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Chicago Concrete and Masonry Inc. is a commercial & residential masonry  company offering general construction, masonry, and carpentry work to Chicago and surrounding communities.