Industrial Machinery Foundations

Mills and factories housing heavy machinery and equipment operating for extended periods of time need robust foundations. Your industrial structures also need to be extremely tough to withstand the weight and movement of transportation vehicles, cars, and other modes of transit along with the steady footfall of crews. At Chicago Concrete and Masonry Inc., we understand the importance of having foundations that can take not just the weight, but also the vibrations given off by the functioning of your machinery. Trust our extensive experience and expertise to advise you on the ideal designs for your foundations for durability and longevity.

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  • Seamless Transition to New Locations - Ready to relocate your plant? Chicago Concrete and Masonry Inc. can ensure a seamless transition to your new site with uninterrupted production lines.
  • Installing Secure and Sturdy Pits - Need a robust machinery pit to support complex equipment? Rely on us to create a floor plan and install your valuable machinery with precision and care and have it up and running in no time.
  • Inspections and Identifying Cracks - Chicago Concrete and Masonry Inc. has well-trained experts who can come in from time to time to conduct inspections and advise you on the repairs and maintenance needed. We’ll identify weakened structures and cracks and shortfalls in the structural integrity so you can initiate timely renovations and avoid the cost of large-scale emergency repairs. Do keep in mind that once the concrete of the foundations start to fail, the surrounding structures are likely to follow soon.
  • Flexible Working Hours - Repairs and renovations do not necessarily mean that your plant has to interrupt operating. Our crews can come in on holiday, weekends, and after working hours to conduct repairs when the mill is closed and your workers have gone home for the day.
  • Installing Floors and Polishing - Need advice on the right kind of flooring for your factory? Our crew will come by to inspect the kind of industry you work in to direct you on the most viable and economical flooring

Chicago Concrete and Masonry Inc. is the one-stop shop for all your industrial machinery foundation needs. We provide complete assistance right up to the time your factory is fully operational.

Machinery foundations
Reinforced concrete structures and press pits
Utility trenches for the installation of underground infrastructure such as water mains, gas pipelines, telephone lines, and others
Slitter line foundations
Machinery rigging using chains, cranes, hoists, and skates for the transporting equipment from one location to another
Isolation pads to contain the vibrations from the functioning of heavy machinery
Plant relocation or restructuring when moving the mill to a new site
Mill foundations
Removing and replacing the entire internal and external concrete structure
Installing pits, floors, dykes, and bases, as needed

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