Chicago Concrete and Masonry Inc. offers you an incredible array of masonry design choices to match any architectural style.

600 standard colored masonry options that lend elegance and aesthetic appeal to any kind of structure.

Rely on our services for construction masonry that lasts decades, withstands the particular weather conditions of Chicago, provides better structural integrity, and is easy to maintain.

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Chicago Concrete and Masonry Inc.
Chicago Concrete and Masonry Inc.
Chicago Concrete and Masonry Inc.
Chicago Concrete and Masonry Inc.
Chicago Concrete and Masonry Inc.

We offer a range of masonry services such as:

Masonry walls
Stone and brickwork
Waterproofing walls
Chimney caps, liner, and repairs
Wall flashing
Masonry rehabilitation and restoration
Masonry wall repairs
Fireplace repairing
Brick oven repairs
Clear sealant application
Efflorescence proofing
Cornice repairs

Select from a range of masonry services that are among the best in the city and spell quality and high-grade expertise.

  • Sound Control - Using masonry for construction ensures natural insulation against sounds of a wide range of frequencies making the structures acoustically sound. Residents and office-goers are sure to benefit from lowered disturbances from passing traffic, particularly in urban areas.
  • Energy Efficiency - Masonry offers insulation against weather conditions also. Choose masonry for your structures and avail of lowered energy costs for heating and cooling. You could also earn LEED credits and certification for a structure that has lower greenhouse emissions as compared to wooden buildings.
  • Low Maintenance Costs - Masonry is one of the strongest building materials available to date and requires low upkeep lasting you for a lifetime or more and ensuring the safety of the occupants.
  • Favorable Insurance Coverage - Lower the insurance premiums you might have to pay. Coverage providers offer more favorable terms and conditions to buildings that are more resistant to damage.
  • Stronger Structures - Masonry is known to withstand winds of up to 250 mph which can be a huge positive for construction in the “Windy City.”

Lower the risk

  • Moisture and the resultant mold that can be a potential health hazard
  • Pests like termites and carpenter ants that are known to affect wooden structures
  • High wind damage that can be caused by tornadoes, hurricanes, and other similar weather conditions
  • Fire hazards since masonry is more likely to resist high temperatures


Chicago Concrete and Masonry Inc. is a commercial & residential masonry  company offering general construction, masonry, and carpentry work to Chicago and surrounding communities.